Monday, July 13, 2009

Freedom Baby...Freedom!!!

Girls gone wild...Not really,we don't really got wild.I just say that because until now.Still i can't believe i got home so late.4:47 in the morning.Seriously,that is my first time.Since,4 years in a half.Only now,i feel totally happy and free.I guess,my word of wisdom last July 4Th is really working.Wonder why i say that?Will,let us put this way.I got drunk during our camping trip,we went there on the 2nd of July.Then,that night Ryan is the one who get drunk.His okay,he just throwing up ewww gross!!!But,the good thing if his drunk.He always went to sleep right away.So,in the morning i told him,that on the last night it is my turn to drink and drunk.And,it really happen.It started,while we are playing cards a 31.Yes,I convince everybody there to play the same game with all my friends play all the time we get together.But,they don't like the quarters.So,we play for a dollar.In while we are playing i keep drinking of Mr.Jack Daniel's.So,at the end of the day.I am the winner yahoo!!!i kick all those people there.Believe me,theirs a lot of people there.And,one guy there.His like our father...he pick me up and throw me to the water at the lake.Will,because i kinda drunk already i just keep laughing.Get my camera and take picture for everybody.And,i let them say...Freedom baby..Freedom!!!while I am recording them.It was fun...i feel like i entertain everybody.I am proud myself,because although that is my first time in four years.But,hey i never got wasted.Because even though,I am drunk...but i try to keep biting my lips.So that,i remember that my kids was there.I don't want to embarrassed them.I know,I was maybe look funny there...but hey i was having fun.And,honestly?I am serious about my word of Freedom you know...only this year.I would say,i have freedom and that i can be happy if i really want to.So,last Friday.I just prove it again...That i can do things with out any concern that...oh maybe they say this,or they that to me.Now...I don't care people!!!!I am a growing up woman already.Here's some of our picture of "FREEDOM":)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wish me luck...Beefriends

Nope!I am not going to gamble again.I say that,because after i went home this morning like a quarter of five.After,i sleep only an hour because not only i went home so late.My kitten also,just don't let me leave alone.But,here i am writing to let the world know that.I am awake!!!and going to the Water World for swimming with my boys.Yes!you read that right.That's why i need your luck for me,hope i have energy lift for today.So,i let you all know later.......

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Certified Translation Services

Generation by generation, the use of technology is getting higher in the needs of different business category especially in the line of medical services. The reason why this great technical specifications like for example the Life Sciences Translations who's been specializing not only locally, but also in the globalization needs of regulated companies in the Sciences and Health Care Industries.

Also, this Science translators is only certified translation,typesetting services,and management of in-country review in more than 30 European and Asian languages.And, specifically tailored for Medical Translating Agency.Who's been used consistently as rules guidelines or definitions of characteristics,to ensure that materials products processes and services are fit for their purpose. That is why this kind of services are really good for us, because wherever we go, we can make sure that our life is safe.