Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Of Our Picture

Weekend Adventure

Oh my,It is another Monday again.And,here i am take Laurel and Reagan to their summer program.Then,take a nap with them.I woke up late,thank God Ryan here and make them dinner.I am so tired,and i think because i work 4 days last week,then i have a busy weekend.Last Saturday,we sleep over at Ate. Tess house because we need to wake up early in the morning.And,like i said.I'm not a morning person,But if i really want to i can make it also.So far,we get there like almost 10:00 am and we finish early than i thought.After,we eat our lunch we went to my friend Angie to pick up some of my stuff.Then,we went to Garden of the God.Seriously,I've been in Co.springs many times already.But,i never went that place yet.So,Thanks to Ate.Tess for taking us there.Although,Laurel is not feeling good that day.But,we made it to go home with a smile in our face because we have fun,taking picture.And then,Sunday.Ate.Tess was inviting me to come with them again,back to Co.springs for her oat taking for her dual citizenship.And,it is my pleasure to say yes!because i never been that kind of event.Beside,she's the one who drive.I was trilled to witness all the Filipinos,especially.When the person sing the Philippines National Anthem.I feel at home that time,plus they also present some cultural music and dance.It was fun...i can't say enough for my appreciation that Ate.Tess taking me there.Then after,we are hurry to come home,because Dave and Ryan already plan to watch the Transformer movie that night.We went to I Max,down in Dave&Buster at Ivan in I-25.Laurel was so excited.But,Reagan his only reason he like to go is the popcorn,will he watch also.And,i cannot believe,for the fact that.Our economy is difficult at this time.But,still the Theater is full,too much people.But,i guess that is really what Life is......So,hopefully.Everyone of you have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful weekdays.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Dinner Night Out

Even though,I sleep at 5:00 o'clock in the morning last Saturday.Still,i have my energy to go out with some of my friend.We went to Black Hack at Isle Capri,to eat our dinner.It was a good food,Ryan was satisfied of his crab legs.Which is, already became like a tradition of him,to eat crab legs either his birthday or father's day.We got there early,So while we are waiting we play the poker slot machine.And,not even 5 minutes i lost my $20.00 is like i am just throwing my money.Will,i don't know what i am doing.So,i don't feel bad.Then,i call Cindy because i wanna ask her,about Ate Tess cell number.And ,it's surprise me.When she said,she and her hubby and of course their little bug,was coming too.I am so happy and having fun....we take picture the three father's.They deserve to our attention because it was their moment.With out them,we don't have our precious babies.Then,after that.Cindy and Rob went home,while us.We stay until 10:00 p.m because we need to pick up the boys from Ryan sister who's the one watching.It was a good night,i did not lost a lot.Will,i don't have anything to lose also:) Maybe,next time.So,how about you guy's,How is you father's Day?Hope everything is fine.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our little adventure....

When i got home today,i pick up the boys by our neighbor.Then,Ryan call asking if we want to go out eat dinner.I thought he take us somewhere to eat.But,Instead he buy some food and want us to go out like pretend we are camping.He want to go down by the river.So,i told him,how about we go to the Lake,and eat there.So,this is some picture i take from our little adventure.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am Lovin Life....

I have so much fun.It is really different if you have friends.The one that you can tell everything,you can laugh,you can cry with.Also,it is a big different if you can able to do things that you want,not other people want,I feel free...It is hard to live and to be a different person,that's why i am so happy that i able to get back my life again.To be just being me,fun,simple,out going,creative,and adventurous.I like to do even not every time but even sometimes.I can do things that i never done before.Like playing cards?i never done that before in my life.Only here in U.S i learn to play cards.I wouldn't say it is gamble?for me it is more having fun with friends.Although,sometimes if i am alone.I feel depress because of my situation,but if i don't think about it?I am Loving Life .For sure,maybe you will say,then don't think about it?But,you know.I can't avoid or escape about it?because that is the reality of my life.And,with the help of our almighty God.By prayer,despite of all that?I am proud of myself.I still able to go out and have fun now and just laugh about it,like last Saturday we went to FACC then,Ryan sister she go with us,to Parker some kind of Carnival there.Then,after that we went to Mr.Biggs to play bowling.His family came and even i am not talking to his father.I make my day end with a smile in my face.Sunday,we just stay home.Hanging out with my boys and kitten:)Then,Yesterday,we went to Bailey Library for the kids activities,then to the park.It was fun....So,hope you all have a nice weekdays also.'till next time.Goodnight....everyone!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Have a nice weekend everyone....

Thank you to everyone who viewed my world.I will do my best to do the same.Have a wonderful weekend to all fo us,God Bless us all!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zeus and Samson

So,funny it takes me long time to convince Ryan that i want a Kitten.Now,his the one who's in to it.Every time he got home he always check and play with them before he take shower.It is going to be one week tomorrow,after when we get them.But,their two months old already.Will,you can't resist to not play with them because their so adorable and sweet.Reagan has hard time to control himself because he want to hold them all the time.But,they don't like that..they love to run around and play together.But,when i got home today.I take some's some.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a busy week 'till weekend

At last Friday is my last day of work.Then,i thought i can go home take a bath and set down,relax while sip a glass of wine.But,that is only in mind.Never happen.Instead after i work Friday i pick up the boys from Nicole and follow her,to Colorado Mills Theater to watch a movie with them.Will,i don't regrets,in fact.I am the one who enjoy the most of the movie while them enjoy eating the popcorn.Of course,for them that's the best. Is like the popcorn in the Theater is taste better than the one at home.And,if any of you did not watch the "UP"movie yet.You better watch it now,it is fun and good for kids.The coolest thing is they give you a glasses that you wear during the movie and it make it like real,Not for me.But for kids yes!LOL.Then,after the movie we went home with Nevyn because she want to have a sleep over with us,to see the kitten.So,i need to drop her early in the morning,then went to Grant Automotive to change oil my car.And then,went to King Soopers to buy some stuff for my kitten.Which is,make me realize that pets are expensive.I spent almost a $100.00 just for them.I leave 8:00 am in the morning.I got home 12:00 then i rush Ryan to prepare because we are going to Delia baby shower.And,before we leave i check who's calling us,an i saw Dave number so i call him back and ask him if his going to the party.He said,No! and tell to Ryan that i can ride with Ate Tess,if i want to because Ryan change his mind to not drive me over.Thank God,Ate Tess and Cindy are waiting on me,i was worried that their going to leave,because i never talk neither one of them on that day.Thankyou so much was fun.And,it was more fun when Ate Tess take me to her other party down in FACC i meet a lot of cebuana woman.So,this coming Saturday i will going back there because their having a Festival.So,maybe see you all there.....Have a great Sunday night and hope a wonderful weekdays.

Friday, June 5, 2009

No name and Zeus


Hi everyone,i finally introduce our new little cutie Zeus and No name i don't know what i am going to name the other one.So,i give him(noname)The thing is,we are planing just to get one.But,then when we look at Craig List their is a cute couple that i like and the owner said,their brothers.So,i decide to get both of them.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Grand Children.....

I am so happy and excited at the same time tired.Because,first i just talk to my Mom in Philippines and my eldest brother,and their so happy to inform me that my sister in law shes in the Hospital right now and give birth with a girl.What a wonderful news,although the sad thing is she undergo for cesarean because she cannot handle,the baby was too big.She weight 8.5 pounds,bigger than my baby.I am so excited to go home for vacation and see my little girl.At last my parents got another grand baby to play and watch.Their been sad because when Laurel came here,they miss him so much,and then they never see Reagan yet.So,now that they have a new baby girl.I hope my Mom forget the boys and stop asking me to go home.But,we will...hopefully by the end of this year or on Feb.we can go home.And,I am tired because, I've been busy this week.I get some phone call for the people i used to work before,they let me come and clean their house.Then,yesterday i get another new one again.So,i went there today to see the place and bid.But,the owner they just to excited that somebody can come and clean their house.So,i will do it tomorrow and the house that i schedule for tomorrow is move to Friday,which is supposedly my day off also.So,I am very much busy this week.I hope,and i wish it is always like this every week.If that happen,i will be good.I mean,I'm happy enough.If i make 1500 how much more if i make more than 2000 a month.I will be more way happy and that maybe i can go home soon,and pay my bills.So,wish me luck my friends and Hope you all have a wonderful weekdays also.