Monday, September 7, 2009

True To Life Story

Well,I've been saying.I am done of partying.But still,until now i am busy.I guess this is my true story of life already.I just need to deal with it,since last month and i believe also this month.I'll be need to work four times a week.Plus the kids going to School,I need to woke up early than 7:30 and prepare their food.Because,my son Laurel do not like the food at School.He likes to bring his own lunch and snack,same as Reagan.Then,last Thursday is my first day of my English class.I was tired at the same time...I am happy about it,I feel like i accomplished a lot of things in my daily life.Also,the same day. One of my client is giving me a ticket for the Rockies game for last Friday night.Good thing,Ryan sister was watching the boys,we probably got home at about 11:30 pm.Then,Saturday.I talk to Ate.Tess and she ask me if i would like to go to the state of Colorado.I like to...But,I was so tired,I woke up around 9:30 am and feed breakfast the baby and play a little bit with them.Then go back to bed.I feel like my energy in my body is all gone.But,yesterday.Sunday we went to Boulder with Ate.Tess,Dave and Ryan to watch the CU game.It was frustrating the game is not turn out good.But,because it is my first time.I really don't care as long me and Ate.Tess are taking picture then we are happy.Then,Today we stay here in Bailey.Bring the kids to the park then eat dinner at our local Chinese Restaurant here.Then,we try to go to the gasoline station to rent a movie.But,so sad the machine was broken.So,we went home and play outside in the trampoline.So far,it was a fun weekend.Hope everyone does fun also.God bless us all!!!!