Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's been a while....

I can't believe two thousand nine is almost over.Theirs a lot of question in my mind,like what is the new year can bring for my life?I can say this year is a smooth for me.The kids did not got sick that open.My job is doing so much better compare last couple years.Although,I am struggling with my car always need maintenance,and you know what's that mean?money.Me and Ryan are doing well,in terms of our relationship i probably just cry three times because of that:)I think that is good,right?I had good friends around me.I able to communicate more open with my family back home.Honestly,right now i can't ask for more.I am happy and content already with my life.And i owed this from above to our almighty God.His the one who be there for me especially in times that i need him most.Thank you Lord..........

Monday, September 7, 2009

True To Life Story

Well,I've been saying.I am done of partying.But still,until now i am busy.I guess this is my true story of life already.I just need to deal with it,since last month and i believe also this month.I'll be need to work four times a week.Plus the kids going to School,I need to woke up early than 7:30 and prepare their food.Because,my son Laurel do not like the food at School.He likes to bring his own lunch and snack,same as Reagan.Then,last Thursday is my first day of my English class.I was tired at the same time...I am happy about it,I feel like i accomplished a lot of things in my daily life.Also,the same day. One of my client is giving me a ticket for the Rockies game for last Friday night.Good thing,Ryan sister was watching the boys,we probably got home at about 11:30 pm.Then,Saturday.I talk to Ate.Tess and she ask me if i would like to go to the state of Colorado.I like to...But,I was so tired,I woke up around 9:30 am and feed breakfast the baby and play a little bit with them.Then go back to bed.I feel like my energy in my body is all gone.But,yesterday.Sunday we went to Boulder with Ate.Tess,Dave and Ryan to watch the CU game.It was frustrating the game is not turn out good.But,because it is my first time.I really don't care as long me and Ate.Tess are taking picture then we are happy.Then,Today we stay here in Bailey.Bring the kids to the park then eat dinner at our local Chinese Restaurant here.Then,we try to go to the gasoline station to rent a movie.But,so sad the machine was broken.So,we went home and play outside in the trampoline.So far,it was a fun weekend.Hope everyone does fun also.God bless us all!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some Picture That I found Lately....

I was thinking to put this picture here.Because,it reminds me that even though my life is complicated sometimes.But,i can overcome difficult times that comes in my life.And, that's because i know my limitation and i know my rights.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I am so blessed.....

Thankyou Lord,for giving me a chance to change my life.I cannot get this far with out you,hopefully everything well be alright.One hundred fourthy five is a lot of credits already and to get it for free.I am so bless.I was hoping they still have a place for me.Because,the Director said,it was close already for their enrolment for thier semester.But,i have my faith.I know is not always depends in my way.But,in God's will.So,i just praying for now.I well know on Monday after i talk to the director of the Red Rocks Community College.I am taken Medical Assistant this time.I do not know how to handle all of this,my two boys going to school also,my schedule,my work.All i know this is what i wanna do.Also,Thanks to all my friends that give their encouragement during my top times in life. Until now,still in my head.One person told me the other night while i am chating with her,in facebbok.She said,she rather have a few friends that can call true friends.Than,bunch of friends but,your not sure if it is a true friends.I like it know who am talking to,and that is really help me a lot.To undestand that sometimes we need just to chill out and do what we think is the best for our life.Because,God judge us individual,base in our works,our thinking,our words and base what we feel to ourselves nor to other people.Is not base,of whom we associate with.Yet,God words said,Bad association is spoil our own habits.So,that is already depends to our conscience......Anyway,Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am done...

Hopefully,I am done with party.I mean,I am not saying that....I'm done to be with my friends.In fact,that is the best part you know,meeting new people and became our friends.right?So,What i mean for saying that i am done is,i need to slow down.Because i forgot that i have two kids that need to focused on.I have so much fun going out to the birthdays,our get together.But then,now i realize that,true friends are always be there for me.But,the time that i need to spent my kids is not always the same.Time is so fast,Laurel is already in first grade.I mean,this is the precious moment to share that time with them,and not just go out and partying.I am a mother now.I have more things to worry in the future than worry if i can make it,this Saturday to my friend party.Sorry,i just mean this base in my situation.So,Hopefully everyone will understand.But,i know i don't have to worry.Because,True friends is always understand.That's what friends are for.right?So,to all my friends out there...Goodluck!!!and lets just pray for each other.Keep in touch....Thankyou.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life Is So Unfair...Sometimes.

I supposedly happy lately because things are really been good for me.Like this week,i was excited because i was planing to have a birthday party for my little baby.Will,his not that little anymore.He will be four on seventeen.And,that's make me happy to think that my little one is became a big boy very soon.His going to pres-school again,and Laurel will be in first grade.Then,i work Monday to Friday this week.So,everything seems great!but not until last night around midnight i receive a phone call from my sister who live in Manila.And i know already in my thought it was emergency because she is the one who call.She told me,that my youngest brother is sick that she already take him to the Hospital for emergency because it was bad.And,She was really mad because the Doctor, let them to wait.And my brother his so much in pain already.It make cry.....i thought everything is fine.But,is not!!!I am not losing hope though,i know he will survive.I remember,my father and my two cousin before is also sick the same problem kidney infection.So,they need operation to clean it inside. Just need a lot of money though,which is. I'll do anything to get that thing.My kids,my family is my life.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Samson just die

I cannot believe my other little kitten died tonight.The one on the back...who's awake and seems looking the camera when i take them picture.He was just fine he eat his dinner then later on....he just start crying like a baby and sound he really hurt.I don't know what to do?I drop him some water in her mouth still doesn't help.So,i just put him down and watch him.Until it seems he don't breath anymore, i try touch his neck and yes...his dead.I call my friend in Co.springs and cry...i can't help it,to not cry he was so sweet,he woke up us every morning.He play a lot...until now still i can't believe his dead.I will always remember him and promise i will takecare his brother.I love animals...for me they just like thesame with human being they also have feelings.They also get hurt!!!I am so mad and sad right now.I suppose to take him tomorrow to the vet now his gone.He must be really hurt...poor thing.I love you Samsam........