Friday, August 28, 2009

I am so blessed.....

Thankyou Lord,for giving me a chance to change my life.I cannot get this far with out you,hopefully everything well be alright.One hundred fourthy five is a lot of credits already and to get it for free.I am so bless.I was hoping they still have a place for me.Because,the Director said,it was close already for their enrolment for thier semester.But,i have my faith.I know is not always depends in my way.But,in God's will.So,i just praying for now.I well know on Monday after i talk to the director of the Red Rocks Community College.I am taken Medical Assistant this time.I do not know how to handle all of this,my two boys going to school also,my schedule,my work.All i know this is what i wanna do.Also,Thanks to all my friends that give their encouragement during my top times in life. Until now,still in my head.One person told me the other night while i am chating with her,in facebbok.She said,she rather have a few friends that can call true friends.Than,bunch of friends but,your not sure if it is a true friends.I like it know who am talking to,and that is really help me a lot.To undestand that sometimes we need just to chill out and do what we think is the best for our life.Because,God judge us individual,base in our works,our thinking,our words and base what we feel to ourselves nor to other people.Is not base,of whom we associate with.Yet,God words said,Bad association is spoil our own habits.So,that is already depends to our conscience......Anyway,Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. WOW Joy, mura naka og super woman to handle all those stuffs, impressive indeed! Good luck nalang to all of your endeavour's in life. I know kaya mo yan!

    On the other thing, that is why I tried hard not to mingle just anybody. We don't know their real motives. I had enough from the past and I felt much much better to just stay home more than going out partying. Just pick your real friends. Some would just like to mingle you for snacks/ foods to share, gifts, company when they feel bored or use you for something, then after that they would just dump you when you become useless to them. I would rather have one friend than many who aren't trustworthy. They would just like to be-friended to know your life then spread gossip all around, use it against you. But I guess I am also blessed like you to have found friends who are not backstabbers, professional inside out. I am one very picky person in terms of frienship. Since when I was born, sinati nako ang mga libakira kay tuay daghan sa amo hehehe!

    In regards to your brother, hope he is doing well now from operation.

    Have a great weekend you all!

  2. Thankyou all...for comments.Have a great day.