Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Last Weekend of the Month

My Las Vegas weekend? end up at Heritage Square in Golden.Which is fine,i enjoy being with my two men in my life.Will,3 Ryan said,we still going,but who knows???just him.He is the one who's going to spend money not me.Plus Nevyn, she sleep over with us last night.It was fun riding all those game.Even though,i got a headache at the end because most of them are just spinning around.And,then after we drop Nevyn to her Mom,we went to the Table Mountain Animal Society,whatever it is.And the reason why? because we are planing to add someone to our clan.Me and the kids are excited,at last Ryan.He finally agree.And,not only that he also agree that they can get a puppy and i can get a kitten for myself.So,Good luck to me:)I know this is going to be exciting situation.But,Hey!your not living completely in America if you do not experience to have a pets in your home.That's what i heard,and I am not completely agree with that either.But,i do love animals,their so cute...Like we saw one today,me and Laurel both agree that we like him,because he look ptty.But,Ryan change his mine and decide that if ever we get one,we need to buy for it.So that, we can make sure it is good background.Not a crazy Dog!!!from the straight.So,hopefully this is going to help Laurel to be a responsible kid,his going to be 7 years old on Nov.and this is one of his birthday present.Beside,he is the one who's been asking about it,every now and then his confuse what kind of a name he give to his puppy.And,every time he see a pet toys or stuff he want me to buy for it.Because he said,for his future puppy. And,one thing i like Ryan because he maybe selfish to me?But,in terms of the boys.If he can just give everything to them,he would.Include Laurel,his not the biological father but he never treat him that his not.That's why Laurel is also into with him,that he is his Dad.Although,yes he knew about his sperm donor:)but it is different if who's with him in the beginning.And,before his conceive i already knew Ryan,he is my friend since 2001.His the one who always be there for me.Every time i cry because one of my boyfriend before just bunch of BS. His there when i am 7 months pregnant of Laurel.That is his first time he visit me in Dumaguete and the reason he come to see me because he want to find a girlfriend there in my town,and need my help:)Also he never believe me when i told him,that I am pregnant.That's the time also that he get out from military because his Dad want it.Not only that?he is also celebrating his 22 birthday that time.Oh God,sometimes you just don't know what you get in to.But,you know...above all of that?only i can say.....I do not have any regrets at all.I am loving life right now.It maybe have my ups and down moments.But,we all are....The important things is,we know how to ride that moments and don't forget to the one who create us,and don't forget the friends who be there for us.So,to all of my Bee's Friend:)Have a great Weekend!!!!Mabuhay...char:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am so...ready for summer

I wake up this morning with the bright of the sunshine was in my eyes.I try to cover myself with the blanket because,I am still wanna go back to sleep.But then, my two little monkeys already making noise just to get me out from bed.So,i went to the bathroom comb my hair and just pick up the mouthwash and went to the kitchen to give them breakfast.I look at the time it is already 8:10 .Laurel was asking me why?I am the one who always late to wake up every morning.And,i said that because he don't have School anymore. So,i am just taking advantage to spent a little more time in bed.Beside,I am not a morning person.I can stay in bed until 10:00 or noon if i want to.But,of course things are different now.Now i need to get up early and give them breakfast,give them a bath and drop them at the home daycare because i need to go to work.I am not complaining with my schedule,for me.I am still bless to get up anytime because my job it doesn't require me to be there so early.Just depends in me as long i do my job their fine.But,i like to finish early.In that way i have time for my kids,especially now that it seems summer is here already.This morning i was in a good mood to see the sunshine outside and this afternoon while,I am heading home.I need to open my window in my car because it was hot inside and warm outside.I am so excited to do things this summer like,I was planning to put the boys in swimming lesson,we do some hiking and camping in our backyard.Also,we can do gardening at the back in our house.And,the boys are registered at the Bailey Library to join of the locals activities.Look like,I am going to be busy of my time this summer.Which is alright,this is only once a year later on.It is gonna be cold again and we stuck at home most of the time.So,i encourage you all to go out and do some fun.It was good for our body also,just like.I am trying to do every afternoon if Ryan got home .I also leave for a walk in our neighborhood.What else i can say?I love summer...just like i love to change my home decor all the time.I am a weather person,that's my mother said.If the weather is good then,I am in a good mood.But,if the weather is bad?Don't even try to mess up my day:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I hate TomTom,just terrible!!!

I would say my weekend is fun and stressful.But,I am happy it is over already.It's fun because i able to see the old folks that i meet before when i went to the Lake on Saturday, and be with all my friends again at Bunny baby shower.Although,i need to leave early,still it was fun indeed.But,not after i start driving the rain is just terrible i can't barely see the way i am driving.And,the most terrible happen is the GPS that i use,called Tom Tom it make me mad.He let me drive around downtown Denver 3 times,trying to find this exit to Colorado Springs where i am heading to visit my friend Angie.So,finally on my fourth time of following and listen this Tom Tom. I decide to just follow what i know,which is go back my way to I-70 to Wadsworth Blvd. and to c-470 and thats the time i made it.Supposedly, i got there in Co.Spring at 5:00 p.m instead i arrive around 7:30 p.m I am so tired but happy to see my bestfriend.Also,the boys are happy to see their auntie it is worhted.And,all we do last Monday is shopping not for myself for my two baby's.My friend is so nice to baught them a shoes,and some summer stuff.And,i plan to go home last night but i was thingking it is going to be so traffic because of the people that driving from camping or from their short vacation.So,i decide to stay more nights beside,my friend she is leaving soon,her and her hubby might move to Japan.It sad,but thats their life her husband was in Airforce so every now and then they stransfer different places.We both happy when we knew that their going to stay here in Colorado a couple of years.And this year are their last year.But,I am glad that we got home safe for fact that ever since i start driving again this morning it is raining until i got here in Bailey.Then,i just grab some lunch for the kids and drop them off to my neighbor because i need to go to work this afternoon.What a day!!!not only that Ryan just told me that better we never got back there at the Lake because some terrible happen.I think some guy was drawn and they never found it yet,until last night...hopefully today.His so sad and divastated about it,because it reminds him back then,20 years before his mother also get accident thesame Lake,and cause her to death.So,i pray for those whoever the family of that person.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

and again

Laurel last day of School

So twisted....

What a week for me.Monday i went to work,then Tuesday finish my laundry and went to grocerie shopping.Then,i went to work again yesterday.Now,Thank God,finally school is over.Today is Laurel last day for school and we are having a picnic with all the parents of all the kindergarten students.Everything is turn good.Kids are full of energy and having fun running all over at the park.Good thing the weather is not cold,not at first.Until this afternoon around 1:30 the sky look like it is starting to cry.So,we say goodbye to everybody and went home.And,here i am.I put the two monkeys for nap.I feel like it is a long week for me,maybe because i was thinking the weekend Holiday.And,it is a tradition of Ryan and his friends to go camping at the Lake down in Brighton.And,i am kind of tress about it.Because,i feel like i rather than go with my friends than go with him,with his friends.But,then he want to go with the boys.So,i need to be there also.Ahhh,So frustrating.Plus last night i was upset because of the American Idol,it just twisted.I really thought Adam could win on that.Will,yeah Chris is look like an innocent,a new discovery in music industry.But,i thought that show is all about who's good and who's be the next recording artist? And,Adam his a whole pacage.He have a voice,i like his style.I think they do that in porpuse.So that,People in America would talk about it,what happen last night.Just to make a show or to make a record of the season.I really,guess so.....Whatever i need to take a nap too.Bye everyone,thanks for visiting my world.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

General Cleaning

Good lord,I am so tired today.I don't know what happen for me today?But,i just clean the whole house today,include the storage room and the room where we put our shoes and winter coat.I decide to remove all the coat and put them to the storage outside,and re-arrange all the shoes. I believe i start cleaning at 9:00 a.m and finish at 4:00 p.m wow!But,i feel relieve and feel good myself,because i need to do that once or twice a year.The house really need to clean,i call it"General cleaning"that means everything.Inside and outside,and then after that.I went for a walk around the neighborhood.Ooh,so much better when i came home i cook and take shower.And then,i set down and watch the survivor finally.I am glad it is the right person who win.Because,I'll be mad and refuse to not watch on the next survivor if not J.T who win.He deserve it,he work hard and lost his teeth for that,not to mention he really keep his word to Steven.Which is everybody knows that if Steven win the immunity he not even take J.T to final two.So,Good luck everyone for the rest of the week.I have to work tomorrow,God Bless us all.....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

strike a pose before go out for dinner

What a crazy day and Lazy day...

Yes,i have not a crazy night only.I have also a crazy day.I get up this morning almost 10:00 a.m my two kiddos prepare and serve their own breakfast.Will,they eat cereal most of the time.But,i heard Laurel make pancake for himself and for Reagan.So,i woke up make tea and set outside thinking what i am going to do, i finish my tea and decide to go back to bed.Thank God,Ryan was in a good mood today.He make lunch for the boys,do some laundry,do the dishes.Then around 4:00 o'clock he wake me up and ask if i want to go out for dinner at Red Lobster?His favorite place to eat.I stare at him,with a thought inside my mine.What this guy eat today? and why suddenly he became so nice and sweet.It scare me,but you know.I am too lazy to cook for a dinner so why not?And,just half way to our destination i change my mined,i told him i do not want to go to Red Lobster,instead i want to go to Hooters.I thought his got mad,but he turn the wheel and went to Hooters.I know,some of you probably thinking what a crazy i am that i bring my kids to Hooters.But,you know what?i do not care.As long,i enjoy my hot chicken wings.Beside,every time i went there their some others children also.And,this is the first time that i tell everybody that Hooters is my favorite restaurant ever here.Just because of the chicken not the booty of all the waitress there.So,even though i miss the great day outside today,I'm still satisfied for my day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crazy night...

I am so glad that i join this blogging.Now,i feel like i just found someone to talk to.Will,the thing is i am suppose in bed already sleeping.But,then this crazy wind out side wake me up bagging my window.So here i am i can't sleep,i try to drink tea doesn't work.Good Lord!!!This is gonna be more crazy tomorrow because Reagan just have a big event at his school.I guess their having a short program for the end of the school year.So,i really need to get some sleep because we need to be there at 8:00 am,and the program start 9:30.Everybody sleeping already except myself,I do not like to open the T.V also because of my eyes it get hurt.And,guess what?what i am doing before this,i went to the bathroom lock the door open the lights and clean my toe nails,is that sound crazy enough?I am cleaning my nails in the middle of the night,hahahha...Now i am tired.Alright, i go back to bed.Good morning everyone,hope everybody have a wonderful Wensday.Ask me later if i do:)


I have to much account lately in because what i did, if i forgot my password then i open a new one.So,tonight i open this other one and i got ton of spam.But,still i look it up maybe i knew someone.And,i found one it is from a person that i meet 10 years ago,way way back then.He...yeah,his a guy and his cute too as far,as i remember.He send me a request to join and be one of his friend in is surprise me because i did not heard this website of course i know, i accept him and i found out that it is also like firendster and facebook,you can download picture etc.Interesting because my friend in Hawaii she already registered on this site.So i thought maybe, I am the only one,don't know about this hi5 profile.But,you know if anybody who wants to look.Just go

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's part of being me

I am a type of person that like challenge.And,today it is a little bit challenge doing this blogging adventure of me.Thanks to Ms.Cindy, she finally convince to go for it,of course with her help.It was fun so know rather than wasting my time surfing everywhere here in internet,while i am home with my youngest son.Why not doing some useful things?Beside,networking is one of my hobbies,not to mention i understand having this page it really can help people to bring more closer to our family and friends ,not only here in U.S i heard all over the world.How cool is that?So,to all ma freindster out there please do not hesitate to add my world to your world:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The true meaning of Mother's day

For me is not being taking our responsibility and doing our obligation or working hard to support our family.Being a Mother is fulfilling the gift of God,and to be a good children of him.This is one of his commandment to be fruitful.Being a Mother we are only an instrument of him.So this is the day that we appreciate the most because for him,we are all special as a woman.Because,we achieve one of our goal in life,the reason we are here today.And,for that i will say,to all Mom's out there..."HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY"i pray and hope we have more strength to keep going and catch up the energy of our children.