Sunday, August 2, 2009

Samson just die

I cannot believe my other little kitten died tonight.The one on the back...who's awake and seems looking the camera when i take them picture.He was just fine he eat his dinner then later on....he just start crying like a baby and sound he really hurt.I don't know what to do?I drop him some water in her mouth still doesn't help.So,i just put him down and watch him.Until it seems he don't breath anymore, i try touch his neck and yes...his dead.I call my friend in Co.springs and cry...i can't help it,to not cry he was so sweet,he woke up us every morning.He play a lot...until now still i can't believe his dead.I will always remember him and promise i will takecare his brother.I love animals...for me they just like thesame with human being they also have feelings.They also get hurt!!!I am so mad and sad right now.I suppose to take him tomorrow to the vet now his gone.He must be really hurt...poor thing.I love you Samsam........


  1. i'm so sorry to read about yor cat..

    i hope he rests in peace..

    God give yu strength to overcome the loss..

    God bless yu

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