Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am done...

Hopefully,I am done with party.I mean,I am not saying that....I'm done to be with my friends.In fact,that is the best part you know,meeting new people and became our friends.right?So,What i mean for saying that i am done is,i need to slow down.Because i forgot that i have two kids that need to focused on.I have so much fun going out to the birthdays,our get together.But then,now i realize that,true friends are always be there for me.But,the time that i need to spent my kids is not always the same.Time is so fast,Laurel is already in first grade.I mean,this is the precious moment to share that time with them,and not just go out and partying.I am a mother now.I have more things to worry in the future than worry if i can make it,this Saturday to my friend party.Sorry,i just mean this base in my situation.So,Hopefully everyone will understand.But,i know i don't have to worry.Because,True friends is always understand.That's what friends are for.right?So,to all my friends out there...Goodluck!!!and lets just pray for each other.Keep in touch....Thankyou.

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  1. I understand and can relate you Joy. When it is just too much going out partying is not healthy for family anymore kay mabyaan na atong mga trabahoon sa balay especially to our kids. Divide your time and just attend to only that can afford of your time. Pareho ta, it's my break this time, ang sunod party kay Helen so it takes awhile before it comes paman pod. At least pahuway una og partying for 2-3 weeks. See you next time!