Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life Is So Unfair...Sometimes.

I supposedly happy lately because things are really been good for me.Like this week,i was excited because i was planing to have a birthday party for my little baby.Will,his not that little anymore.He will be four on seventeen.And,that's make me happy to think that my little one is became a big boy very soon.His going to pres-school again,and Laurel will be in first grade.Then,i work Monday to Friday this week.So,everything seems great!but not until last night around midnight i receive a phone call from my sister who live in Manila.And i know already in my thought it was emergency because she is the one who call.She told me,that my youngest brother is sick that she already take him to the Hospital for emergency because it was bad.And,She was really mad because the Doctor, let them to wait.And my brother his so much in pain already.It make cry.....i thought everything is fine.But,is not!!!I am not losing hope though,i know he will survive.I remember,my father and my two cousin before is also sick the same problem kidney infection.So,they need operation to clean it inside. Just need a lot of money though,which is. I'll do anything to get that thing.My kids,my family is my life.

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